Makina Course (FL Studio)

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Want to pay in affordable monthly installments?

What you get: 
  • Unlimited access to over 5 hours of step-by-step video lessons
  • Lifetime FREE updates - New video's, Production Tools & Support
  • Over £250 worth of production tools! (samples, loops, midis and more)
  • Hosted by Rewired Records owner, DJ & Producer - Infinite

"In 2 weeks I’ve managed to produce my own track using only the videos. The course is 100% worth it, especially for beginners - you can pick it up in no time!"
- DJ Wilson

"I was a complete beginner when I started the course. I now have 15 tracks completed within 5 months!"
- DJ Herby D

Sample Packs Included: 
Infinite Samples - Maximum Energy FX
Rewired Records - Acid & Screech Loops
Rewired Records - Makina Bass & Stabs
Rewired Records - Makina Legends Vol 1

Rewired Records - Makina Starter Pack
Rewired Records - North East Kicks Vol 1
Rewired Records - Rave Leads Vol 1
Rewired Records - Makina Production Tools Vol 1
The Ultimate Makina Toolkit
FL Studio Makina Templates (Projects)

VST / Instruments Included:
AcidBox VST
Elysium VST
Harmonic VST
Synthinite VST

Midis and Remix Packs included:
Rewired Records - Starting Point
Rewired Records - Midi Files Vol 1
Brucey Vs RMG - Euforico (Remix Pack)
Infinite - Audiosphere (Remix Pack)
Infinite - Code Z (Remix Pack)

Want to produce your own Makina tracks like the pro's?

In this online video course I'll be teaching you everything you need to know to create your own original Makina tracks and remixes in FL Studio.

I know what it's like to be passionate about music but have no idea where to start when it comes to production...

I struggled for years on my own trying to learn production software from the age of 16 and it was a long (long!) time before I made a full track that I was happy with... I had no idea what any of the buttons and features did to begin with and the program looked really technical and overwhelming but I was determined to keep going.

With no help available at the time it was a matter of trial and error - pressing buttons, adjusting things and hoping for the best! Slowly but surely I started to understand the software and eventually my tracks started to sound pretty good. As time went on it became much easier to take my ideas and translate them into the software. Each new track would get more advanced and my own unique sound was starting to develop!...

Fast forward over a decade and I've now got a huge collection of successful releases on CD, vinyl, major online stores worldwide (iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify etc) and millions of plays on Soundcloud and YouTube! The support for my music has been amazing :D

10 years to get your tracks to a professional level and become recognized as an artist is a probably a bit longer than you were hoping for though, right?

How does 6 months sound?

When I started learning, the information I needed wasn't available anywhere.

The sounds I needed weren't available anywhere.

In the last few years I've been teaching 1-to-1 production lessons with complete beginners and they've been releasing epic tracks in just a few months!
When you've got the tools and information you need, it's really easy to get started.

That's why I've created this course

I know you've got the passion to produce (or you wouldn't be reading this) and I don't want you to spend 10 years trying to figure out how to get your ideas out and turn them into something you can be proud of.

To make things really easy for you I've compiled everything you need to know into over 4 hours of step by step video lessons and included all the sounds you need to be able to follow along with the videos, and make original music from your own ideas.

After purchasing the course you get unlimited access to the private course on our website and you also get access to a huge library of production tools that we'll be using throughout the course.

So what are you waiting for?

If you're passionate about music, don't let your ideas go to waste.
Start your production journey today!

Course Preview (Video 8 from the course):

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James L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fantastic Course Throughout

Really enjoyed all the videos. Everything was well explained and detailed. Ste's knowledge of makina is unreal and everything was easy to follow. Even though I knew quite a lot of things, this course was 100% worth buying and Im sure it will improve my productions loads. Love the sound design videos and I am looking forward to future content being released. The samples included are fantastic too. If you have never made a track or fancy brushing up on your production skills, this course is for you. Money well spent

Beezer .
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Best about

This course has helped me so much I started off making tunes that was quite laughable but now My tunes are coming along fantastic I’ve now started working with JGS one of the best rewired producers along side Ste in making some tunes and honestly this is all thanks to the course couldn’t fault it at all best you will ever get your hands on

United Kingdom United Kingdom

finally bit the bullet and started the course and i must say its the best thing i've done. Ste explains everything crystal clear for everyone to understand. perfect for beginners and producers wanting to up there game. Highly recommended

Connor B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Top class

Always wanted to create music especially makina since I was younger, had fl studio on my fone but never able to create anything good due to limitations with the software and also my own understanding of music production. This course is ideal for anyone from beginner to skilled producers wanting to refresh thier knowledge. Ste explains fl studio so good he makes it easy to understand and also helps if your stuck with anything the samples you get with the course are worth it themselves. To anyone thinking about this course and not sure should definitely purchase it I spent thinking about it and I'm glad I bought it you'll be making tunes in no time if you've got the creativity

Adam S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Within a matter of days my tracks have gone from sounds that didn’t really make anything or have any structure to something that can actually be played and mixed into sets. Amazing course and the support is 24/7. Ste is always on hand to help you out, with some ideas from his experience and also tips and tricks to get that crisp sound. Money well spent and would recommend to anybody looking to produce music to a high standard.

Reece B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Worth every penny

Absolutely fantastic couldn’t fault the course what so ever worth the price Started off basic producing now my tracks are coming along amazing learned new things learned from the best and can’t wait for more videos to learn new things

Noble, M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
great course

great course to be part of. ste is a top bloke and will help out with anything. he is very responsive to messages. it's good piece of mind that once the course is paid for its here for a lifetime. new content is always added and ste will ask the learners which videos he should do to help us further.

Liam M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Brilliant course!!!

Always wanted to have a go at producing but didn’t have a clue where to start. Then I heard about the makina production course on rewired records and wow what can I say. I’ve Been learning from the tutorial videos a brilliant step by step guide and shows you everything on how make your makina track! 4 weeks in and I’ve made 2 tracks but still learning more and more every time I watch the tutorials. Thanks very much Ste. I’d reccommend to anyone wanting to start producing!

Paul C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Second to none!

I have been on this course 2 weeks now and i have learned more in this time than i have in 10 years. The tutorials are very clear and easy to follow as they give you step by step instructions on how to get things done with great ease! The amount of files you get are huge and there is everthing there you need to start creating your own tracks in no time (i've created 2 in 2 weeks!!) I would very highly encourage anyone thinking about getting this course to waste no more time and get in there as you really don't know what you are missing. Ultra P.

From start to finish and everything inbetween

Returning to MAKINA, this really helped me get a lot projects finished. Everything about he genre is here and perfectly covered. Thank you.



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